Mythic Titan Challenge

I’m pretty new to this game but can someone please help me understand how this player is ranked the 7th top attacker.

I just don’t understand.

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He is just cup dropping mate. Honestly if you want to drop cups fair enough, but having a single defender only isn’t cool for people filling their chests

Edit: as Guvnor pointed out, only event team not raid defence, so I take it all back, sorry

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Showing just how OP Aife is!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

In seriousness, all they have done is waste one of their attacks by changing their team to being Aife & hitting the MT.

Players usually do it on Challenge Events to “disguise” the team they used to prevent their competitors from catching up…

Or to just show-off all their shiney’s

Either way, rest assured that they used proper heroes to get their ranking.


It’s the MT event team not raid defence team :wink:

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Post withdrawn by poster

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You don’t even have to waste an attack, you can edit and save your team whenever you want, even without any flags.


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That saves it for future use but doesn’t display it on the leaderboard I don’t think.

If it’s like the Challenge Events, the team shown is the “last used” team, not the “last set” team.

It’s vaguely pathetic, always has been. Scared your competitors might catch up in Events??? Just replay the board…again. Not like they haven’t played that level 150 times already. Pffffffft…


try it yourself :upside_down_face: i didn’t reach top 100 with frosty :sweat_smile:


Log off and then log in after changing it, and the trick is done.

It usually work this way.


Wasting a flag won’t get you in top10. The competition is fierce on the very top.

Every time I’ve seen those kinds of teams on top leaderboards for any event, my immediate thought is “ohhh someone thinks they’re clever, they found a good team that got them a top score and they don’t want anyone else to be able to potentially copy them, so they put up something stupid on purpose.” :roll_eyes:


All these people who think they have some kind of like “top secret formula” to winning, and refuse to ‘share’ it with others?

Here. I got your top secret formula right here. Will gladly share it with everyone

Step 1: get best heroes
Step 2: put best heroes on team
Step 3: replay until you get best boards

It’s really not that complicated.


There’s no trying to hide anything or be clever, we do it as a bit of fun. I didn’t have to log out, use a flag or any of you people’s other theories. I just changed my team after I’d used my flags.


I’m more disappointed you didn’t max her. She must feel so cheap and used :joy::joy:


Welcome to the community @Vengeance!

:joy: Thanks for enlightening the theorists.

This is what the perfect answer is.
Aife is a beast,
:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Aife was only there for a second as well. Khagan is my cool down hero :joy:
Ps. Love the fact you screenshot when I was world number 1 :sunglasses:


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