Mythic Titan (Baba Yaga) - Element change - G. Chameleon

The mythic titan element seemed to not have changed, or the color change needs to be more obvious. I wasted at least 5 seconds just in the begging to confirm if there was a change after I used G. Chameleon. As we all know, every second counts and this plays a huge disadvantage.

This gets more time consuming and confusing if your team has a negative accuracy effect, so it becomes an issue between knowing if the elemental change was successful or missed. You can read it in the center of the screen, but again it’s time consuming because you have to wait until the attack is complete; i’d rather be looking at the tiles to plan my next move.

Huge thanks for looking into this!

Easy way to see if a ailment/ buff is in effect is to simply tap & hold on the hero/ enemy in question.

Thanks Guvnor. I had never tried this on the Mythic titan. I guess that still raises the question about wasting seconds while you tap and hold on the titan ? Regular titans change colors which is the most obvious way to find out. Finding the weak spot and tiles is already part of making this game strategic, but why not make it as functional as a regular titan?

Can do it while tiles are falling :slight_smile:

I personally don’t have the issue as I don’t own/ use chameleon so can’t really comment further haha

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