Mythic Titan Alliance rewards based on %

The Alliance rewards in Mythic Titan should be based on % like the other parts. The ranking that only the top 1000 alliances get solid rewards is not an even distribution considering the sheer number of alliances in the game.

considering the number of aliances in the game, if it was based on %, any active aliance with 20 active members woulbe be in top 1%… there are a lot of aliances with 1 player and some others inactive…

i agree that the rewards could have more tiers or extend the existing ones a little bit… but the solution can never be based on %…

I agree. Casting my vote.

Agree there should be more tiers and loot for smaller alliances but disagree with a % system. The race for top 10, top 100, top 1000 is great fun.

I think that more alliances should be considered for loot chest better than the consultation prize chest. Our alliance currently is fighting 10s and takes out the occasional 11 or even 12*. Our ranking ends up around 3000+ which isn’t even close to getting a reward chest (and I’m not counting the chest everyone gets). It seems like there could be more fun competition for alliances if the range for the 1000 or better chest was stretched a little.

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