Mythic Items disappeared?

I collected 7 presents from my alliance mates this morning and throughout the day. I had not yet had a chance to hit the Mythic Titan, nor did I use any of these items yet. I just tried to do so now, and then discovered I was missing most of my items:

Help? :grin:

P.S. About mid-day, I upgraded my iOS phone to 14.4 OS. I’m not sure if this could have an effect, but in any event I’d like it sorted. :+1::wink:

This seems highly unlikely to me, just have to ask, and sorry in advance but…
You did push the ‘collect’ button on those gifts right?

If the update wiped them out do they still appear in you ‘recent activity’ button?

Send in a ticket. They can check on their end. There’s an activity log.

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Yep. I have a screen shot showing six of seven gifts opened (only six fit in the screenshot), yet only one opened gift listed in my inventory.

I clicked to open the boxes, then later in the day discovered my inventory didn’t match. My activity log doesn’t match what I know happened.

Alas the ticket won’t solve this in time for the Mythic Titan. :confused:

At least get those items back in your inventory. Otherwise they would be lost forever.

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