Mythic battle bundle

Here is the sharing option for this Christmas…
Personally I don’t hope they will do this every time there is mythic titan quest


Just saw it too, I don’t understand why they needed to change it.


Nope more expensive (if I am correct) and no gems for others…
Only battle items for the mythical titans…


Lost for words :sweat:


Those are expensive items…

Sorry alliance mates, won’t be participating in this “free set of steak knives” offer.


Technically, this isn’t a very bad price for the gems alone. But I do agree if the gems were also shared with alliance, it would definitely seem more attractive.

It’s a way for alliances with mixed power levels to share with their lower level mates and help them catch up to make the alliance scores higher. Neat but as everything that costs money, feels a bit shady. One more reason NOT to try to participate too hard if you are not a spender/or in spending alliance.


It’s also a proof of principle test of people’s generosity. If this “offer” is successful, I expect to see it repeated for this and other events in the future.

I would have felt warm & fuzzy gifting my alliance at Christmas. This just feels like manipulative exploitation to me. :slightly_frowning_face:


Yes I agree this is a very badly designed offer. I’m not much of an item user so I don’t see much value in gifting them either. I would have liked to gift gems to alliance mates on Christmas. Not even slightly tempted on this one.


Alliance offer to buy scrolls of alteration: in my opinion this is additional unfairness as scrolls are points, directly. I pay VIP and path for an overall great game that deserves some contribution, but I want a fair game to enjoy. I am very unhappy with that.


…and it creates a kind of ‘social pressure’ to force members buying this. Thanks our leadership is so kind and understanding. @Sarah2


Yeah bought those diamond things for alliance was it in valentines day or something but oof not gonna give you this one even though you are nice people :confused:


I posted this to our alliance as soon as I could… A few had already made purchases…

"The “Mythic Battle Bundle” offer in-game is OPTIONAL. Please do not feel obliged to buy this offer if you don’t want to. No pressure even if some do purchase it.

As always, you are NOT expected to spend money to be in good standing in Mystic Meadows. This is a personal decision and there is NO push from our alliance to spend."

I hope it doesn’t create a division. Some of ours are f2p. I’m really not comfortable with the increase in price, forced purchase for me bundled with a few weapons for everyone. I preferred the choice of gems so people could fill a need they determined for themselves.


What can I say?

Just another unnecessary and stupid mini-transaction, of which there are far too many here now. :scream:

If they had included at least a few diamonds for each alliance member, I would certainly have bought it. But with items that everyone can make themselves, I think that’s pretty unnecessary and a waste of money. :-1:

It’s a shame, the times when you got offers like this 1-2 per week are long gone. So the game degenerates more and more into a dime grave


Yeah won’t be buying this one


My feelings exactly. I’ve always liked the share the gems deal. It was just a nice way to give a small token to teammates. This just feels yucky.

I bought the deal without really looking at. I don’t think that I will again.


I was wondering when we would see a gift for our ally mates. This year it is double the cost and no gems but battle mats and part of the new Mythic Titan. I could use those gems…

This was last year’s deal


I agree


So, to be clear, they showed you a gems offer and instead gave you a battle items one?


Then it’s not bait and switch. You just don’t like this offer. I don’t either, but that doesn’t make it bait & switch. It’s just not what I want. So I won’t buy it.

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This is really good offer. If everyone takes it, you need to craft only 11 of these

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I think this offer is not good. We all loved the buy/gift gems. That way u would do the rest of the team a proper gift.
This one wants you to buy items you usually wouldn’t just to give a gift to your team… at least that’s my opinion.
Give us back the “share the gems” offer :pleading_face:


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