Mythic Aura effects mana potion

We received our extra flags just a few minutes ago and I decided to give my team a 4th try considering the -10% is not that big of a deal.

I started the round with the Super mana potion to Gazelle and CaptainOfDiamonds to set them off and get rid of the watchers. And I was surprised why they didn’t go off. I realized that their mana bar was almost full, but not entirely.
I assume it was 90%, because of the mythic aura effect.
But as far as I remember, negative mana effects from bosses (e.g. red rare titan, sorcerer emblem quests) never had an effect on the potions.

@Guvnor Could you please ask the devs whether if this is intended or a bug? (Or my memory fails me and it was working like this in the past)

Thank you in advance


It is intended.

It’s the same as in map farming if you get a Mana Debuff.


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