Myth titan Rewards not given

Hello Community,

I start this topic here, because i already Contacted ingame Support 4 Times. And everytime they denied that there is something missing.

If you Look at the Screenshot carefully, you can see that the reward for the overall-damage is missing completely.
I understand, that there can be very Bad rewards, but nothing is a crime and by Definition a scam!
Its not about quality, even if it was a top 1% Performance. Can and employee of SG explain me, how the highly praised ingame Support can say, that this is what I deserve?!

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First off all, it’s not allowed to post support communications on the forum. You should better remove the support answer before your whole post gets deleted.

Second we probably can’t help you here, either the recent activity doesn’t show it at all and you got something, or it’s displayed somewhere else, maybe scroll a little bit.
Or you didn’t get something which would be extremely annoying for you but once again we can’t do more. If the support already looked into it and they decide everything is OK there is not much you can do…


What rank did you get? Is it possible all of the rewards you got were so low that they don’t show in recent activity? It would be bad luck but it could be possible.

No, you get always emblems, no matter how low you rank and those should always show here…


It was a Top 1% for overall-damage, where you at least get 2 Token 3 slots of each 20 to 30 emblems and a lot of other materials and items. Those should allways be tracable by the logs.
And yes i scrolled, the rewards are not somewhere Else.

You put so much Effort and ressources into this Event and then you get nothing. And SG says: “we sorry, but its correct” ???

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It’s possible this is a visual bug and you actually received the items.

I changed the category to bugs.

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I have the same Problem, I’m missing the rewards for the Best Single Hit. :expressionless:

Ive always wondered if you have to click on each of the three tabs to receive your reward for that tier before pressing ok. I wonder if it is a problem that it’s related to that.

Me too didn’t received my recent quest rewards. So sad tired so hard and waiting the that particular items to upgrade level.

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