Mystical vision restart the game

I try to trigger the mystical vision and the game restarts, the ad does not appear instantly.
My version of the game is 34.0.0

Continuo com problemas na Visão Mística, não abre há 25 dias; ao tentar abrir ela reinicia o jogo.

I still have problems with the Mystical Vision, it hasn’t opened for 25 days; when trying to open it restarts the game.

If nothing works to get mystic vision playing you may have to completely reset your device. This,eans reserting it as if it was a new device.

Ads are managed by a third party so you may have run out of ads because your device has used too many.

This has happened to me and it was the only fix.

Hope it helps.

I’ve already done this, restarted my device, restarted the game, and the same thing continues, I try to activate the Mystic Vision and the game restarts. It is needed because of the spoils, however, it is irrelevant.

Not just restat, reset. Put your device back to factory sertings as if new. Its a pain because you have to reload everything but its the only way to fix it.

I can’t put it in factory settings, I have a lot of professional settings in it, it is no longer such a new device, I use it professionally too. I think it does not pay, better to be without the mystical vision before a cost benefit to my understanding that it is negative.

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