Mystic Vison Music Lingers After Ad Completed- Nov 2023

I have an android, and this latest release plays this stupid music every couple minutes. In settings i have music turned off. I thought it was mystic vision ad music but after the ad it came in again. This is extremely frustrating. Wakes my kid when trying to use a lullaby app to get her to sleep and also play e&p. This never happened before using this app. Please fix this asap.

Anyone else run into this?

Some country sounding mysic, guitar playing. I dont have songs on my phone, and its not any other app ads. Its coming from e&p specifically. The song ■■■■ has been going on for 3 min (at this very moment).

Its Chrome Valley Customs ad music even though mystic vision isn’t active, and the music settings should still be in effect.

This would be very frustrating!

Thanks for taking a moment to post this bug. I do recommend taking a moment to send this to Support directly as well through the in-game support button.

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Some suggestions in the following thread…


Thanks @ProfessorPenguin .
I’ve bookmarked this for future reference in case I see a post with similar issues.

@JQuizzy, it would be great to hear back from you to find out if this resolved your issue.
Good luck!

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It’s happening to me too with the Chrome Valley Customs. I even have the ingame music turned off but this bypasses it. I never had an ad music linger like this. If I back out of the Empires and Puzzles it continues outside of the game, but if I close the app instead, it stops. However, when I open Empires and Puzzles app after closing it, the music starts up again within 30 seconds. Please fix.

Hello @Jasoya,

It looks like Professor Penguin has already linked the relevant info for you. It seems that there are 3 different ways to deal with issues similar to yours.

  1. The issue spontaneously resolves (yay!)
  2. If you have an apple you could try the solution that Professor Penguin linked above
  3. Send in a support ticket directly from in-game and give them as much detail as possible. (Device type, if it’s related to an ad that you had opened, if it is time-related, onset, frequency, duration, etc.). It looks like Support can solve this issue but they won’t be able to help you through the forum.

If you need help with the process please leave a note here.
Good luck, and I hope this resolves quickly!

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Who is BS and what big bug does he have?

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Fair point @Ghost. I’ll edit the title so that others can find/use this thread if they have the same issue. The old thread is closed already.