Mystic vision

Many games offer the chance to watch videos to get rewards. In this game you can do it once a day. It would be good to remove this limit so that each player can choose to watch one or more videos, depending on their connection availability. At the same time, the game will earn the money of the sponsors who publish their ads! Should be good add better rewards into it. The game earn money and the players have fun!


In my case, I don’t even see the option to watch any videos…hmmmm

The fact that the Vision sometimes gives non-farmable items - today I got my 4th magic orb from there, means that I will be viewing those Star Wars ads quite often.


That happens sometimes. See the FAQ:

My husband and son both loaded the game on smart type of device within a
day and they both have this feature.

Feature or issue? If they are experiencing the OP’s problem, please read the FAQ link I posted above. :slight_smile:

They both have the Mystic Vision, I do not. They both loaded the game on
the same type of device. A Samson Tab A.

If more frequent visions meant lower quality loot, count me out. Mystic visions are a great source for rare ascension materials. Let’s not change that!

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You don’t see this in game?

If you do not have mystic vision at all, please contact Game Support for help with this glitch:

I would very much like the option to view more videos to earn any kind of loot. Even better would be to skip time on a build. I’ll watch an ad or two if it shaves off an hour of build time.

Reducing the time from 16h to 12h would be a huge help. A 16h frequency is really suboptimal :-/

Edit: I also wouldn’t mind if it’s even more often :wink: Every 4h would be fine, too :slight_smile:

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Ads make the game money. Those ads sometimes get us emblems and sometimes great mats. I’d be willing to watch one every hour for extreme increase in getting those mats. What about u guys? I’m always waiting for those visions excited to see what may pop out alot of the times its crap but when u get something great it’s the best feeling. So… game makes more money we get more chances. I’m loving that idea!

They did decrease the time a few months ago!

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Yeah I know it went from twice a day to three…I’m talking 24 lol.

I would be the crazy person checking every hour on the hour lol. We get increased chances and they get increased money lol. Win win. Plus u dont have to check them if u dont want to

Similar thread, not exact but a possible mutation/ other way?

Nah nothing to do with builders. Just the same vision just 24 times a day lol.

Yeah O know, was more a spin off/ alternate route with more “mystic visions” that you get build reduction rather than string :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t think speading up mystic vision will help for loot! Probably worsen it! As more people watching. I’d say off the top of my head probably get 2 maybe 3 of a non farming mat a month.

I dont think more people affect drop rate. Your drop rate is your drop rate. Items arent limited.