Mystic vision vids won’t start

Have had this issue on and off for a couple of weeks now, usually resolved within 2-5 hours, but not this time.

So MV shows the play icon, I go in there and can see what game the add is suppose to cover but vid won’t start and when I close it (after having had to wait the 30 seconds…) MV shows the play icon with error sign.

Looks like this:

If I try and close it before the time has run out I get this:

And when finally leaving, this (no reward of course):

Please fix it, pathetic as the rewards may be 99 times out of 100 I still desperately need that slightly better one. Elemental chests have boots and titans give rope.

Did you try closing the game and restarting it again? Even I am having this problem for a few days, but it usually resolves when I just force close the game and restart it again.

PS: You can also try cleaning the cache memory of your phone.

Yeah… sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. Revisiting hours later after an unsuccessful restart it usually works again. Not this time. Have restarted and waited…

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Cleaning the catch doesn’t work either this time… sigh. Almost always the same types of vids, since they added this new format with the banner on top.

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Okay. Sorry to hear that. May be it would be better if you submit a ticket directly to the developers and they might be able to help. Click here if you need to know how: #contact-support

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