Mystic vision video notification

Dear Sir/Mdm,
Please do implement 2 hourly notifications for the mystic vision video availability to all players. Your understanding & consideration would be very much appreciated by all players. Thank You

Regular followers of mystic vision video followers do vote. Thank You

yass… I watch them religiously anyway lool but a notification would be awesome


The run time of most MV comercials I get has went up from 30 seconds to one minute lately. With my phone set to turn the screen off after 30 seconds of inactivity this is quite an annoyence, as I actually have to interfere with the phone during the comercial to keep the screen active. I’d rather have my screen not turn off after 30 seconds during MV videos, as it’s normal for all other videos I ever play. I’d much rather have this function implemented than a two hours notification that I can implement my self by setting up an alarm to go off every two hours with a short notification sound. Unlike this, I’d very much like to be able to run MV’s without being forced to wake up my screen every 30 seconds, while keeping the 30 seconds inactivity window forE&P and other apps. Anyway, why did the MV run time from 30 secs to one minute? I understand that’s not an E&P related problem, but still, wasn’t 30 seconds long enough?!

Good suggestion…nice