Mystic Vision Stuck on One ad

@Rook I know you will want to link this to the dozens of other posts about Mystic Vision, but…

I’ve had the bug, like most others who have played the game for any amount of time, where it won’t find an ad to play - presumably because it doesn’t have the content for your region at that time. This happens, you try again, it resolves relatively quickly.

I’ve noticed that quite a few people have complained in the past 8 hours or so.

What is different this time is that it gives you an ad straight away (in my case Lightning Link Casino), it only plays for 7 seconds (usually 30) and then doesn’t proceed to rewards.

This is a new bug that I haven’t experienced before. It has been stuck on this for the past hour or so - same ad every time, plays perfectly, but doesn’t progress.

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