Mystic Vision Still Not Working?

Mystic vision has been on and off the past few days and now I haven’t seen it in over 12hrs. What is going on?

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I dont know what causes it but i have a workaround. When you see this happen, go to the map, or quests page or whatever then go back to your stronghold screen, after that tap the mystic vision tower even if its not available, then wait around 3 seconds and it should appear properly. It worked for me every time.

It still hasn’t worked. I’ve updated the game, restarted the game, i’ve gone to quests/maps, i’ve even tried different areas like portal and back. Nothing has worked.

Did you tap it? Refreshing the page doesnt work every time in itself.

Yes. Still nothing. :confused:


Still no Mystic Vision

I’ve been having the same issue since I’ve installed the latest update ( V36). I’ve even contacted customer service but they weren’t much help.
The only way to make it work is to repeatedly tap on it until the ad appears… that works for me.

Same here. Sometimes you tap for a few times and in other occasions you need to tap for over 50 times… :joy:


I really don’t get this as for the entire time I have been playing, I have tapped on the Mystic vision icon only to be informed “no ad available, try again later” and within 5 seconds it would be back and actually work. Then V 36 came around and Mystic Vision works like magic 18/20 times but if it gives me the unholy “no ad available blah blah”, it takes up to 120 seconds to re-appear before working???

Try clearing app cache? Last resort is to clear app data. You would have to play the tutorial over again at that point :neutral_face:

@Petri Do you know if this is still a continual issue? I haven’t had Mystic Vision in a few days now?

It is possible that there are currently no ads available for your region, please try again a bit later.

No ads for a few days and the suggestion is to “try again later”?


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No ads in the midwest, almost east portion of the United States? What has caused ads to be unavailable in the Midwest United States?

Is anyone still facing the same problem? Still no mystic vision for the past 24 hours. Am on android

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It has nothing to do with AD availability in region i have same problem i play the game from two devices.
On first device this problem persist i did try the workarounds pointed above nothing works.
On second device the add is available i watch grab the stuff yeh.
So it could be related to some android app like web_view caused problems in past.
My first device i don’t bother updating at all just the game and its older android

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