Mystic vision Sending tracking data to third party? 😡

Your greed is reaching new lv every day, have 2 agree 2 some company’s unknown by me to track me and use data from my phone just to collect my vision reward!!! And no way to decline? Will send this to Google for rewiw and complain. Never agree with BS like this!!

I did have the option to decline when I clicked on the see more option.


^ A thing that I did.


I’m not sure what you mean. You haven’t seen ads that say “< GAME > needs more players from < CITY >”?

I chose ‘No. Thanks’

where are you guys territorially? I am in Germany and thought it could be a new personal data protection law they enacted and now these companies have to ask your permission to do something they did quietly before…


Absolutely… I don’t know what’s better for me anymore… More relevant ads? tracking, collecting, suggesting etc.

Just got this. I just said no thanks. No biggie

I agree. I think it was MS that asked if I’d like a) more random ads or b) more relevant ads. There wasn’t a c) option of fewer or no ads!

I chose relevant since I couldn’t control them and at least they may be of at least a little interest to me.

Are you kidding?!?

Each time you download an app, you’re giving strangers full access to you phone’s files & activity. For example:

I suggest that you use an alias for all your downloads. That way, trackers don’t know your name.

They can sell my data on whoever they want.

I’m a chipo :face_with_monocle:

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Wise move!

E&P was the only online game I ever pumped money into, and I regret the time I wasted here chasing bobbles and trinkets or farming like a slave to do endless leveling.

I stopped feeding this beast a long time ago, and now only use the raid/world energy I’m given.

I also don’t waste my time in an alliance hitting useless titans for scraps. I might join an alliance every couple weeks or so if I feel like fighting an Alliance War, but that too has little loot.

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just had the same thing pop up in another game I play which has in-game ads. so it is not EnP, it is googleplay or whatever the equivalent on iPhone and now have to ask your permission to share (that is to sell) you information to third parties.