Mystic Vision reward not triggered

At around 22:28 UTC of today I triggered Mystic Vision, after triggering but before the Ad showed up the Elemental Summon (currently w/Lianna in the cover) showed up, I didn’t have time to dismiss it and the Ad started, after I closed it the Elemental Summon popup was still there, after dismissing it no Mystic Vision reward was shown… The inventory doesn’t have any notification either, so it seems like the reward was really not counted.

This is obviously super-hard for me to reproduce, but I hope it helps with troubleshooting.

Not a guarantee as there may not have been anything of value in the Mystic Vision, but can you check your Recent Activity Log?

Go to Menu -> Support Tab -> Recent Activity Log button.

Okay, it’s there, 2 gems and 5 emblems, maybe I just reflectively opened the inventory or something and that’s why the notification badge was not there? I’m still confident that the reward popup didn’t show up, but it’s way less important for sure, and it’s a super-edge case anyhow. Thanks!


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