Mystic Vision Restarting Game IOS

Since last update ive been unable to use Mystic Vision.
Once clicked on it goes straight to the end screen, No Add.
Once you hit the X it restarts the game and then mystic vision comes up again.

Havent been able to veiw a Mystic Vision in over 12hrs… Been trying every hour or so.

Have had this happen evey so often but never this long, Not sure if its a known bug,
Any help appreciated

the “i” is the problem :wink:

I have an apple too and have not had this problem. I haven’t seen other posts on this either. Sorry I can’t help.

I’ve had this happen to me as well recently. I’m not sure which thing I did that resolved it, but after doing these steps, I was able to watch the ad properly:

  1. reboot phone
  2. disconnect from WIFI, then re-enable WIFI
  3. load E&P app

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