Mystic Vision reset

at the completion of the 8 hour time, Mystic Vision always displays “no ad available, check back later”. it takes completely shutting down the game and restarting it to get MV available. it’s this how it’s supposed to work?

I experience the same for over a month now. Kind of got used to it but it is indeed annoying.

This started happening around when I upgraded my phone, using Samsung S10+ now. Not sure if it matters, but there were really no other things changing in how I run the game.

Happens to me occasionally… Usually fixes itself by me force closing the app and restarting it…

happens 100% of the time to me. shouldn’t have to force close every time

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Happens to me sometimes. I think it’s a connection issue. Usually I tap on the displayed words a couple of times and a video comes up.

I rarely have to restart the app.

This does happen alot on android since I have changed, never had a issue when I had a iPhone

I get it nearly everyday. On an android phone.

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