Mystic vision oh well does not smile on the foolish

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My re-wards from Mystic vision are getting worse since the last update and I am curious if anyone else seems to think so. This image is the reward I’ve gotten the last four times in a row, also after reading for a few hours or more on here seems that several are getting ascension items such as orbs or trap tools occasionally. I’ve been playing for about seven months and enjoy the game,guess I am figuring from previous post that the algorithms of mystic vision have just been unfortunate for me. Keeping my fingers crossed for them to smile on me soon. If anyone has examples of receiving good ascension items feel free to share them with me because I haven’t seen any and could use faith for the future.

Hope that all have a great weekend and thanks for letting me post

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Oh god. Thats the worst mystic vision i ever saw. Feel sad for ya bro

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Mine have been less than lovely for the past few weeks. Was surprised by this today…

Keep the faith! Good ones are out there :smile:



Same with me. It’s almost a month I haven’t received any rare ascension items from mystic vision.
Just kept repeating between bear/turtle banner + gem.
If I’m lucky enough, I’ll get a trainer hero. But that not always happen.

Even chest is acting the same.
I hope to get rare ascension items, but it only gave me the rope, sharpening tool, blade.
I lost my faith in getting ascension items. I can only wait for rare quests and colored chests.

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I have had terrible rewards from Mystic Vision lately, many of them including one banner and one or two gems. Today, I was very surprised to receive a set of trap tools. There are lucky days, albeit very scarce…



For the past two months mystic vision had been so stingy on my account, I play this game on two devices IPad and phone, well since the previous update, the MV won’t open on my iPad, luckily I could open it on iPhone, but worst of all : I get to watch the same ad Angry bird for a month now, twice a day and all the MV dishes out is one (1) gem and 1 banner. I will certainly give up watching… A banner I could forge and 1 gem is condescending., no offense intended.

In the past I do get good ascesion mats once in a while I wonder what has changed.

Everywhere seemed locked down, no color chest neither, I was wondering if this is the reward of staying too long online on the game.

About time I take some vacation off the game, hopefully everything would have refreshed when I 'm back lol

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That sounds like a possibility for me too I do love this game and I am new as a participant to this forum but have read quite a few post . But as I say this I realize that my compulsive addictive behavior would not let me stay away from this game that I love . I have read a enough about hero draws,ascension items( or the lack of ) Titan Loot,treasure chest,etc. and realize that everything is random with a low percentage of Success based on players expectations. This is definitely a long run type game that needs great patience , and based on my heroes I am probably doing quite well for only playing seven months . I have learned a great deal and will continue to learn from this forum and glad I have joined because I have found most people here to be quite helpful and not judgemental :sunglasses: I will add that with 62 years on this earth random luck has not been my forte , so I will keep trudging through the battlefields and work hard at playing with reluctant optimism that my random luck will change :rofl:



That is exceptionally crappy, but they always are for the most part. 98% of the time it’s a banner or useless item and ~3 gems. That 2% of the time you end up with ascension items or flasks.

The odds aren’t in your favor, but good drops do happen. Either way, it’s free so I’ll take whatever it gives me.

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That makes good sense sometimes after a long run of bad drops it’s time to step away and realize it’s just a game. Impatience is a curse and of course the opposite is the beginning of wisdom :thinking:



I dunno. My MV is typically so-so, and every so often wow:



Wow. I could dream of that.

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You can’t expect it to be great considering it’s a freebie and you get a minimum one a day for watching a 15 to 40 second video. I’ve had horrible ones then last night got a decent one. It’s swings and roundabouts.



Once in a month vision drops something useful. Do not expected more, and smile If a good loot happens :slight_smile:



Up, because I’m in a very bad streak.

2nd column

It’s been more than a month since I received an AM unfarmable from Mystic Vision. I did receive 1or 2 token since but I only get crap so I think it didn’t count…
SGG, I want toon blast back, please :grin:

PS: I expect this post will conjure the spell

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Extremely rare mystic vision reward. :smile:



Indeed ,congrats Airhawk👍🏼

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90% junky but when it’s good it’s great



I have received rare items (ascension materials, epic tokens, flasks, and ingredients) from mystic vision before. But it is an exceedingly rare occurrence. Just be patient and one day the goddess of fortune will smile upon you!

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