Mystic vision not working, how to fix it?

My mystic vision is not working for a while. I tried everything, from restarting my fon to killing the game, deleting cache memory… Does eny one have an idea how to fix it


I am having a problem as well with that for me it goes right to the loading page and no longer gives gifts. I talked to the other members in my alliance and I seem to be the only one that the mystic vision has quit working for.

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My mystic vision has been disabled.There is a red inactive sign on it. please help.I cleared the game, cleared the game cache, but it did not make any difference.


Ahoy there!
I had same problem with with Mystic vision and readed all FAQ about that, asked in all peer support rooms in game, also sent a ticket so support but all saying same thing and none worked for me. Problem started when i used google play games app to save proggres and switch save proggres of game on new phone. Problem was in location finder and support also says it is due to location and no ads for my region. I started to get same problem with other games and apps instaled on my phone (all happening because google play games app shares location and you can NOT disable that) but I found simple solution - go to settings of your phone and then found Google under Personal tab and open. Now there should be, under tab services, ads - open them and tap on - Reset advertising ID - problem is (should be) solved. This helped to a lot of players from Balkans because of location, hope you will have problem solved with this solution.

Kind regards and happy hunting,
Lenja Lisica.

EDIT: For IOS users go to Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Reset Advertising Identifier - its same thing but called diferent :slight_smile:


This seems to work. Allow 12 hours to work. Be patient?

Tengo problemas con la visión Mistica, está inactiva desde hace más de 2 días. Desinstale el juego, reinicie el equipo y la situación persiste.

I ja sam sa Balkana… Ma nikako ne radi… i očistila memoriju, restartirala telefon, deinstalirala igricu pa ponovno instalirala i dalje neće… Poslala direktno e mail i oni ništa…

@IvanaCRO da li si probala da resetujes ID na samom telefonu kao u poruci iznad?

Jesam . . I sad mi šalju mejl da mi oni ne mogu pomoći… i preko drugog mobitela pokušala i neće pa neće… Znači do njih je neka greška a oni mi sad napisali da mi ne mogu pomoći…

@IvanaCRO kad si resetovala ID da li si i telefon? Zna da prihvati i posle sat dva ovakvo resenje, ukoliko ne prihvati… nazalost ovo je poslednja opcija koja moze da pomogne. Nadam se da ce se resiti uskoro.

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