Mystic Vision Not Available / Has a Red X [Master]

Rebooting your device works everytime for me when that happens

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I’m having issues with my mystic vision and my game keeps crashing help

Hi @Drifter1jlh, and welcome to the forum. Here’s what Small Giant recommends for trying to address crash problems:

With any luck, that will fix your Mystic Vision too. If not, sometimes resetting your advertising ID can help. You can find instructions on how to do that just a few posts upthread.

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For some time Mystic vision has been showing with little red cross every time I log on… No big deal, fixes itself after about a minute. But now, instead of the normal countdown until my next go, getting this message…

I am having the same problem

Mystic Vision now playing ad but not giving any rewards. Sometimes rewards if watch x2 ads, or no reward for watching x1 ad & when you try to watch 2nd, 2nd won’t play, etc etc.

Whole lot of bother for a gem & a minor heal potion.

Lol. Why bother? Now watch more ads for even less rewards than ever before!!!

Great selling point .

Mystic vision is broken. Always

It works again if you restart your device. It has been happening to me at least once a day for the last week.

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vision unavailable yesterday for a teammate of air eau hic, living in France. It is ok since this morning.

Verifications made yesterday : Phone upgrade ok, cookies deleted, version E&P ok. Phone turned off and on, Data reset

Hope these informations would help
Have a nice day

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Hi guys, Just reporting that when I try to watch my mystic vision it goes to play then switches straight to the X … when I select to close I go back to my game and the play > button is there with a little x in it. After 10-15 seconds it resets and I try again only to have this happen again… Anyone else have this issue? Couldn’t find it in searching previous posts :expressionless::expressionless:

Hi @Eyeater, welcome back to the Forum!

Have you already tried force quitting and restarting the game, or restarting your phone?

Hi there
Yes I have but I will try again now :blush:

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Thanks zephyr1 i finally got it to work after the update :grin: thank you so much for your help :blush:

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Excellent, glad to hear it’s working! :slight_smile:


Me and some of my friends have the same problem and this one works for all of us

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