Mystic Vision Not Available / Has a Red X [Master]

Mystic Vision hasn’t been available in more than a day…

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Happens to me a lot. I close the app and restart it and it usually works.

I have the same issue going on 3 days now. I have logged out of my phone multiple times. I have android and short of uninstalling the app I have no idea how to log out of the app. Not sure I am willing to uninstall afraid I will loose everything. . .

I have the same issue, but open my game in different phone fixed it. Hope your problem solve as well

If you are going to uninstall make sure you get your player ID, plus Google/App Store etc info. It can be found under “Options” “about”. Take a screen shot and email it to yourself.
You can also access “support”’through options and open a ticket.

Edit: it’s ALWAYS a good idea to have your ID number saved in case something goes bad. You will have a great chance of everything being recovered

I’m having the same problem

I also can’t use MV.

Clear cache + history, free up some memory by deleting a few pics or dead apps, restart device. All will be fine no need to delete or reinstall game

I did all the above (except uninstalling) & still no mystic vision… It’s been another 24 hrs now & nothing…

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Unfortunately, SG’s comments on the subject are pretty terse:

You could try submitting a support ticket, but my guess is they’ll just tell you they’re working on it and there’s nothing they can do.

This happen in my phone 2 times can’t open in this phone, and I must open it with other phone. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Already clear all the memories etc, not work for this phone.

Mystic vision not working since yesterday.

Hi. I have not uninstalled the app yet. The red x disappeared yesterday and one mystic vision was available but again this morning it reappeared. Is there an issue withy phone or is this a bug you all are working to fix?

Thanks, Christy

I need a better description of how to save my player information I can not locate anything as described above on my phone. Thanks

Hi @Immortaliguana79928, and welcome to the forum! Almost everyone here is a player just like you. Small Giant staff will have a “Staff” tag under their username, so you can easily recognize them.

So none of us really knows exactly what SG is working on with respect to Mystic Vision issues. Your best bet is to submit a support request, and see if there’s anything more specific they can tell you, and anything they can do to help you.

Here’s how to submit a support request:

I am unable to use the ingame support the screen remains blank. Mystic vision has only worked 1 time in last 7 days has a red x on it kindly resolve this issue…

The article I linked explains what to do in that case:

Should you be unable to contact us through the game, the Submit a New Request link is visible after each FAQ article and on top of the support page (on mobile devices, please tap the icon with three (3) vertical lines).

In case you’re having trouble figuring out how to make that work, here’s a direct link:

If you need help figuring out where to find your account identifier, let me know and I’ll try to help you.

@Petri my issue with MV still continue, but when I open in other phone it work again. This small issues for me, just want to let you know. Thx.

Have you tried resetting your advertising ID? I believe that has helped some people, and it sounds like the problem is localized to your phone rather than your account.

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Great advice as always @Garanwyn, its fixed now!!! Thank you so much!

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