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I know several people have had an ongoing problem with mystic vision not working. E&P says that some areas may have less ads than others. This excuse I no longer believe. Me and my wife both play the game. She has NEVER had a problem with mystic vision working. However mine goes days without working. Doesn’t make sense to me at all. I would consider a married couple that lives together should be considered the same area, therefore should have an equal amount of ads showing.

Try some of the solutions posted in this thread:

For me personally I usually solve it by force closing the application (i.e. exit & remove from the recent applications/ minimized applications list).

Others have got around it by switching to mobile data from wifi (and vice versa) for short period of time in game then switching back.

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That usually work but not all the time. However I dont think I should have to do this daily. Thank you for your reply, just wish there could be something done to resolve the issue or at least make it happen less frequently.

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Have you posted a ticket to Small Giant? The Forum is peer-to-Peter discussion…you need to submit a ticket to get actual game support:


As well as force closing the application try clearing the cache as well

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