Mystic vision, no rewards

On and off no rewards after watching, 3rd time happening. Tower says no ads available after watching. Here pic show nothing after grabbing forge item…

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Update. Went to game and ad was available. Watched and got reward. Still happens it does nothing at times.

Common problem. Copying and pasting list of similar threads hoping one can help.

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In my experience mystic vision rewarding fails under two circumstances:

  • if you play the minigame associated to the ad
  • if you “interfere” in any way with the ad (auto-rotation, visit to the store, and so on)
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No reward for me too, happened today

I’m wondering if its a bug that will respond ad to watch within next few minutes. Just watched and got nothing. Will check and see if its respawned after this post.

Sick of the constant problems this is my latest issue that happens as soon as the and starts. I’ve reported the ad but constantly get the same thing. :unamused:

I think this may not the problem of SGG completely, problem lies with add agencies also they might not uploaded the add/ their agreed viewers are completed as per the agreement which is not observed by the SGG programmers

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