Mystic vision mission

Hi there, I usually have long periods without mystic visions ads available. So far around 12 hours without one (since it was supposed to be available).
What should I do for the mission of POV?
Does this happen to you frequently? To me everyday it seems like I can have only 1 mystic vision lol.

Have you tried turning your phone/tablet off and on again?


I think they come every 8 hours. You can see the countdown on the MV tower, or whatever it’s called…

That is the thing, I have already waited that. I have “no ads left”

+1 or submit a ticket, it should come every 8 hours no matter what

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If that happens try clearing your cache (if you are on Android) and restarting the game. Usually (for me) Mystic Vision will become available again after being in the app for about 30 seconds after that.


Thanks for the tip!
It worked this time so I guess I will try it Everytime this happens


Glad to help! :smiley:


I have been having the same issue where on days with the Mystic Vision POV mission, my Mystic vision has said ‘no ads available, check back later’. I missed out on the daily last time because of this and it is doing it again now. I have never had an issue with visions in the past, and normally it gives me the timer to check back in. Is there a way to fix? I have restarted game and ensured all updates are applied. Playing on an IPhone.

I had the same issue with the daily challenge yesterday in PoV. I cleared my cache, restarted the game, turned my phone off & back on, to no avail.

Thankfully it isn’t worth too many pts, but wanted to mention it also.

Using android

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