Mystic Vision Missing

I’ve not had a Mystic Vision all day, since last night around this time. Anyone else having this issue?

Sorry to hear that. No problem here. Have you tried to power cycle your phone? It might help.
Good luck!


Thank you @Magnifique. I’ve rebooted, updated my IOS, etc & nothing. It’s still missing. :woman_facepalming:t2: Hoping they fix it soon. Happy gaming! :blush:

I’ve been experiencing the same problem for quite a while now

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@Medail Sorry to hear that. I just updated my game & it’s still not there. Thinking we need to report it but idk :woman_shrugging:t2:

go to your apps settings, close the app and clear the cache of e&p. after a new start it will be there again

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Thank you. I just went to settings but don’t see how to clear cache on apps. I’m on iPhone, guess I can google how to do that lol

of course. It’s just the similar procedure, but another way to do it. if you do not have an iPhone, then you do not have an iPhone

I do have an iPhone :wink:

I’m not that rich :innocent:

:joy: you’re funny, I’m not either but at this rate my phone might go swimming :innocent::joy:

I’m trying to be funny. were you able to solve the problem?

Actually no, I haven’t. If I uninstall & reinstall the app will it put me back where I was? I’m afraid of losing where I am not to mention that I’m the leader of my alliance.

I’m having the same issue as well. I tried closing out the app and clearing it, but nothing is working. This didn’t happen until the new update. I’m on iOS as well. I contacted a family alliance and they can’t resolve it either. At this point, I think it needs to be reported.

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I’m sorry you’re also having this issue. I did send report with screen shots. I agree, it happened after the update. Hope they resolve this soon. Good luck! :blush:

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sorry - didn’t recognize your post. I hope there will be a solution for you…

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Thank you. I did everything SG suggested, including removing & reinstalling the app but still no Mystic Vision. Guess I’ll have to wait & hope it’ll be fixed in the next update :woman_shrugging:t2: Happy Gaming & please stay safe! :blush:

@CertainHeredity @licia … And for anyone also having issues with Mystic Vision, I reported mine & this is what SG told me:

“We are aware of the issue that prevents some players from seeing ads on the Mystic Tower. Please note that there might be limited availability of the ads based on your location. In some cases the issue is temporary, so if you’ve just encountered it, please try again a bit later.”

My MV returned, then disappeared again but this morning was back again so :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_facepalming:t2: I guess it is what it is! Happy gaming everyone & I hope you’re all staying safe :pray::two_hearts:

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