Mystic Vision Item Odds?

I apologize if this has been posted before, I tried to search for it but couldn’t find anything…

Is there a list of items that you can get through the mystic vision and the percentage/odds of receiving those items? I swear all I ever get is like 2 gems and an arrow or axe attack but in the 6 months I have been playing I have once gotten an epic hero token. Do we know the list of items and odds of receiving those items through the mystic vision?

There is a whole thread on mystic vision…but I don’t know if anyone has calculated any odds of items that drop.

I seem to go at least a week, getting a bear or turtle manner and 3-5 gems…then today got those plus an epic hero token and a raid flask.

In the past I have gotten orbs, tabards, tonics…….

mystic vision-don’t stop believing I think is that thread.

You can get pretty much anything for items, but I have no idea what the odds are, and I haven’t seen any data collection studies for Mystic Vision.


There are also some intermingled here:


Ahh okk, thank you so much for the update on my question :slight_smile:

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It’s been the equivalent of combing the beach at Atlantic City after the homeless camp move on 99% of the time… but that 1%…

Hmmm. Does SG got influence on the items from Mystic Vision? Thought it is under control of Google Play?!?

Yeah everytime i look at the “dont stop believing” thread and seeing the same people getting AMs even distanced only by a couple of days I wanna cry and not because they get it, im happy for them, its because I always get the same axe and 2 gems, didnt get something worth mentioning in months…

The ads are given by Google, the rewards are wholly on the SG side. (Duolingo uses the same ads, there you get a random number of Lingots. Google isn’t going to muck with the inner workings of a game that uses their ads.


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