Mystic Vision Issue

Mystic Vision has shown me the same exact thing (Final Fantasy) for the last three weeks and is giving me the same exact reward (A turtle banner and 3 gems). Please fix! I do not believe it is normal to get the same thing everytime. I am not sure how many more times I can take playing the Final Fantasy game demo watching the little troops march in a line. Thank you for your assistance!!!

You can actually just wait (not play), until the corner x is white. Click and you’re done!

Don’t have to play, can just treat like a normal ad. I get same ads for weeks at a time

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Thanks Rook yeah I know you dont have to play it. :slight_smile: I am more concerned because I am getting same reward over and over. Have you had that happen? I have certainly gotten much better rewards from the mystic vision then what I am stuck on. I feel like it is stuck in groundhog day mode. I have been playing for a bit and not had this issue. If this is normal, I will just wait it out. Thanks again!!

Honestly, unless I get an ascension item, I completely ignore what I get. :wink:

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If you’re nervous, you can always ask Game Support about it:

I know i always get super excited when i get an ascention item from it!! It was being nicer to me than the titan rewards and now blah. Why couldn’t it get stuck on warm capes and sturdy sheilds!? That would have been amazing!! :slight_smile: Thanks again!


Hi Happy,
Similar thoughts from me in few other threads about the rewards drying up for some weeks now, almost to the point where I feel like I am experiencing a famine of sorts lol

Here is my mystic vision reward from today and this has been pretty much the same for a while now, with 3 or 5 gems and one potion or 2* item or so. before on an average I have seen lot better payouts from mystic vision and it was something to look forward to opening diligently everyday but not these days unfortunately :neutral_face:

Yay they changed the mystic vision ad from final fantasy, But then it’s back to TOON BLAST. And I don’t like either lol

One thing remains unchanged are the meh & bleh rewards of one battle item plus few gems. Wonder when will this dry spell end and we start seeing some good rewards like it used to be couple of months back :thinking: