Mystic vision Issue with ad not finishing and not paying out

I’ve been having an issue with the mystic vision “portal” this morning. Ive watched the ad but it then stops near the end and doesn’t register that I’ve watched this ad or given me a reward. ( I have waited 2min+ in case there was a delay - it’s almost like it’s crashes right at the end) I’ve asked my alliance to which only one of member shares this issue with me. Any suggestions?

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I’m having the exact same problem myself as well so there are probably a lot of people that do. I came here to report it since it’s definitely some sort of a bug if other people are having the same issue with the ads and well… I want to be able to play the game so I want it fixed obviously. I’m a struggling newbie and this spoils the fun :disappointed:

Yeah, I mentioned it in my alliance before posting. As if it was just me I would have raised a support ticket but I’ve heard from a few people in game and on Reddit that they’re having this issue. Hopefully we can get a solution soon, I’d like my 2 gems :slight_smile:

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Same issue as others above. Please fix. Thanks!

Same thing. Please fix

Since multiple people have mentioned this, I’ve given the Small Giant Staff a heads up in hopes they’ll keep an eye on it.

Is it a particular ad each time?

Or different ads and the same outcome?

And have you checked your Recent Activity log to see if you got rewards, but just didn’t get the popup? That’s happened to me sometimes.

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Please #contact-support so we can investigate this further!


Thank you for your response. I thought it might of been a particular ad as well but I’ve cycled through a few different ones now with no such luck. I’ve seen a Staff response below so I’ll follow those steps for a resolution hopefully. Thanks again for your help

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I had mystic vision crash my machine earlier and had to reboot and get the virtual machine going again (19 fun filled minutes) but I got my loot thanks to google play protect.

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