Mystic vision issue freezing

Hi Petri, the issue is we have no access to any ad, rather than not being able to watch one particular ad.

This is some new bug to me, never experienced this in the past.

As you can tell, for those commented in the past 8 hours or so, we are experiencing the exact same issue.

Here too, no mystic Vision available the whole day, device reset, cache cleaning, restart, none of the methods I normally use work…

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Ditto! Mystic vision not available. Phone restart etc not fixing problem. 12 hours plus same issue.

Asked around in my alliance, around half the players confirmed they have no mystic Vision available since yesterday, mostly on ios or huawei devices and only a single confirmed mystic Vision working. The rest hasn’t said anything till now. But considering the amount of cases here in this thread I don’t think it’s from our end…

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After reinstalling the game Mystic vision works again for me, I followed the steps the support told me to do

Same MV problem for 12+ hours here as well. No ads available.

Ridiculous if the fix is to reinstall the game, but if you do that, do you need to go through the tutorial again too?

Mine has looked like this for +12 hours

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No Ad Available, Check Back Later for me as well. I’m on Android. Clearing cache hasn’t changed anything.

And now after almost 20 hours, it just became available again with no action on my part…

Mine hasn’t loaded an add for 22 hours so far.

I got one hours ago, and back to no ads available again…

My MV is back this morning. Did not do anything… Let’s see how it goes in 4 hours…

Mystic Vision works here again, also the rest of the alliance has adds again.
Nothing done just waited and after 2 days today in the morning vision was back.

All sorted, thank you!! :-)))

State of survival ad

What does appear to work is to reset the game, play a level and then watch the ad, but it should not be like this.

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The same old MV issue is coming back again after I upgrade to v40…

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