Mystic vision issue freezing

I am having issues with Mystic Vision as 7:50 am this morning (07/06/2021). Please advise. Thank you.


I can only say that when my Mystic vision freezes, or doesn’t pay out, I need to reset my device.

That might work for you too.

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Also having Mystic Vision issues. Just pulled it 11:23 AM PST and no payout. It was a new ad I hadn’t seen before, something about slot machine games.

I have the same problem, after the seeing the adv I don’t get any payout. It has been going on and off for the last few days, and today no adv would pay out, and Mystic vision returns available after a few minutes of each failed attempt.

Edit - this happens with iPhone. No issues on Android.

I’ve watched 3 in a row without it registering and spitting out awards. I’m sure they have the backend very carefully set up so that they get profits for those watches, but could care less about this bug not giving out rewards. It’s free money for them and no rewards for me.

A lot of us are discussing the problem here, as well.

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It looks like this is caused by some ads using this countdown method (only iPhone/iPad, never had a problem with these on Android):


the countdown starts halfway through and once it reaches zero, the ad won’t pay out no matter how long you wait before closing the ad. Who is profiting from this, Small Giants or the adv companies? I have no clue but I know who loses - the players.

My only way to solve this is to kill E&P as soon as I see those kind of ads and retry until I get those with the slider at the bottom of the screen, or the ones with the real countdown like this one:


I and several other members in the alliance reported not getting ads since yesterday, and more than a few of us are on Andriod .
Two days ago someone mentioned having to watch the ad 3 seperate times but did not receive a reward . Logging off, the back in didn’t resolve the issue and now it just reads unavailable since this morning .

Touch wood but my countdown ads seem to be working okay. For me its an issue with some of the ads that have the progress bar at the bottom. It’s getting to the point now that every time I see I have a MV, I get a feeling of dread.

I’ve had problems with Mystic visions this afternoon. Saying I’ve used up all available ads. Please advise.
Many thanks

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No ads available check back later, for about 4 hours. I’ve exited the game, forced stop and restarted, but nothing works. I’m using Android. Please help.

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Same here, been this way for several hours.

No ads available.
Check back later.


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Same. Has been down this morning until now (last night MV was still ok though).

Reboot, force shutdown app blah blah blah and no use.

@Petri Can you please give a heads up to your tech support team. I will submit a ticket later as well but looks like it is not an issue on my end. Multiple players have experienced similar issue.

Mystic Vision won’t work here either.
I’ve logged 5x several times and even re-started the phone.
Loading add text showing and once you tap it,
It’s just telling you’ve exhausted your use blaablaablaa.
Last time it worked was ~12h ago.

Just can confirm the above. No MV.
Restarted game, restarted device (2 different ones), switched network (G4, G5, WLAN), but it’s only saying loading ads and after 10-15 seconds switching to No ad available.

Same same, since yesterday 21:00 GMT +1 it says no advice available, restarting app, even phone doesn’t help

my Mystic Vision is also no longer working - @Petri, we need someone to look into this, please.


So I have submitted a ticket. Adding screenshots to show what is the exact issue.

At the beginning…

After 10-15 sec…

Then no matter how you click on the msg etc, there is no MV to watch. Restarting the app or device will just end up in the same loop.

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There should no known issues from our end related to Mystic Vision, but please submit a ticket if you keep experiencing this so we will have a record of it. Let us also know the ad as well, if it’s a specific one that is causing problems.

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