Mystic Vision isnt working

It will show its available, i click it, and then it disappears and then shows its available again.

Try restarting app?

It is something that happens and in fact it was reported but always the response of e & p was:
if you are using a program to play for pc, if you are using a program to clone the application or if you have more than 2 accounts.
it is not our problem if not external

I’ve been getting the same issue a lot more since the last update. I’m not playing on PC or using a program to clone, but I do have multiple accounts.

If that is the reason for them limiting my Mystic Vision, I’ll accept it. I do understand of course that an advertiser gets diminished value by showing the same ad to the same person over and over again. If I didn’t buy the product the first time, I’m probably not any more likely to buy it the second or third time I see the ad. :slightly_smiling_face:

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