Mystic vision excitement

Now a days mystic vision is very 2 hours but not that same excitement of getting great rewards like old days…
Dry on 4* mats, Good amount of emblems, Bigger rewards…

Note *May be not same for all just feels like sharing on my point of view


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I love the new mystic vision. Costume keys abundant, good emblem hauls and always at least one gem. Great way for newer players to accumulate goodies!


Three every two hours. Pro tip: the 2hr clock starts at the first one you watch… you can view the second and third ad at your leisure and not lose time. They were quite clear that the drop pool didn’t change. I’ve not seen any reason to doubt it. A streak of bad luck now and then is normal.


About 40 Keys and 17 EHT sinceneginnig of novembre seems pretty good for me

I Also get a few4* mats, and a lot of emblems…

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I wish it would give credit for watching the ad at the end of the ad instead of after closing the ad. Certain adds make it hard to hit the X without triggering a browser link. I often had to watch Amazon referral link ads multiple times to get the reward because of this. Just be fair is all I’m asking.

Is it still 3 ads now? Been watching 2 at most lately

Exact numbers quite doubtful unless u really keeping track of rewards from long time… Hope it’s true :hugs:

I got 45 from last costume chamber to this one. MV is very good to me.

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I still get the odd 4* mat or costume key. Couple weeks ago I got a Tome AND a key together. I typically view 2 max at a go, probably 2-3 times a day. Lots of 1 gem 2 emblems.

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I’m inclined to agree with @MonsterMonty - it feels less generous to me - but that’s likely because I’m in a dry patch.

I had awful luck from Jan to about April - things improved in the summer - and indeed, I got a d.Blade from the first MV after the change. Since then…

1 Rings
1 Tonic
1 AA
Probably 6 x20 or x30 emblems.
28 Costumer Chamber keys

Which sounds loads, but with the addition of another MV every 2 hours - meaning 36 ads/rolls if you’re checking every 2 hours - it seems like it should be more, given the increased frequency. I would have seen/expected that in a month from the previous MV schedule.

I’ve found I’m getting much more x2 or x3 emblems than I ever used to.

And look - I’m not complaining - just backing OP’s point out. I’m sure that’ll change when I hit a hot streak again! :rofl:

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From the company’s point of view it would make sense to somewhat reduce the loot offerings when increasing the frequency. That would drive players to increase their viewing frequency to get better loot, thus increasing their ad revenue.

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There is a whole thread showing how often good stuff drops from MV. See here;

Scroll back as far as you need to see how regularly MV proves to be one of the best sources of loot in the game.

Personally, even though its rng-based and bad patches happen, i think its more reliable than Wanted chests, Titans and even some events. Only Mirages seems to be better, but that comes around so slowly. I watch every MV i can get, and I hope they never revert back to the old frequency.


Oh absolutely. I don’t want to play into conspiracy theory but I don’t believe the drop rates haven’t been altered.

As i say, I have been going through a comparatively lean patch generally though. I did get lucky with the BF chests (2 x 4* mats from 2 chests) but usual sources have been pretty empty.

Absolutely. I’ve had more from MV than most chests. Especially titan chests…!

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I stopper using my ETH at the end of Morlovia… I have 17 now.
I got 3 from event, and 1 from tournaient, Mayne 1 or 2 from c’est, so it’s probably about 12 from mystic vision

For the key, I’ve been savings it since beginning of October. I just usef 105 Keys yesterday. 20 are from event itself.
Most of the 85 others come from mystic vision over 2 month…
Some might be from chests, but about 35-40 Per month seems to ne realistic.
Some days I got none, but some otbher days I get 3-4 Keys… Most of the time it’s about 1 Per day

I am liking them. Getting lots of stuff though I do have to watch a lot of ads.

I’m still getting 3 ads BlackZed.


Well a tome and 4* trainer troop in the past two days …

I get a bone every now and then :green_heart:


Hmmm… I will monitor mine a bit more for next few days.

Got a Damascus blade this morning…


So did I! Too bad it’s the Tomes I always need :rofl:

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