Mystic vision empty slot

there seems to be another award but no

Sometimes I only get 2 items from mystic vision. On a really good day, I’ve gotten as many as 5 (IIRC, it might have only been 4, but I seem to remember getting 5 a couple of times). I don’t think there is a guaranteed number of slots.


Totally normal MV pull. Ranges from 2 to 4/5 items

The problem here is not that it gives little. There seems to be 3 items here. but there are two.

That screen shot is exactly what it looks like when two items are delivered.


When it only gives 2, the two show up in the middle of the reward screen, not necessarily left to right as when you get 3 or more

^ what @Cvs said


Dans ce cas envoie un message à Small Giant avec la capture d’écran comme preuve pour leur montrer que tu n’as pas reçu ta récompense. :wink:

Don’t want to highjack your thread… but… Why on earth would you feed seven 5* to Grazul?!


I was trying really really hard to NOT bring that up. It was a head scratcher to me, but not my team not my problem.


Exactly so. Also, the Recent Activity log only shows items worth 3* or higher, so something like a turtle banner (2* item) wouldn’t show up on the log.


guyss… i guess you didn’t understand what i wanted to say. yes, i know… recent activity is 3* and more valuable items shows us. you have to focus second screenshot. there are 3 slots (?, turtle banner and gems)

We did understand you didn’t. If you get 2 items they center not go left to right

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You fed 8 legends to Grazilla.
That’s way cooler than any MV.

No! I didn’t. The OP did! That’s exactly was I was trying to point out… lol

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Hi, when you get only 2 items from MV, that’s exactly how it is shown. There is no hidden slot. Check this following link. :slight_smile:


Now I know why I never pull any 5*. Grazul ate them all :cry:

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i wish make video record. i didnt swipe to screen left or right :man_facepalming:

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