Mystic Vision - don’t stop believing


I got an epic troop token from MV today. Weird errors like that can happen. :wink:


My turn to smile :slight_smile:


Times are good! 3 days later…


Not sure about Kikyo, but Inuyasha certainly don’t want it to be.


I love posting in this thread! :grin:


Mine today…

Which completes a 4*rainbow team.

And then my TC 14 pulled Caedmon.

Happy days!!


definitely a good day.

I just got my 1st Chao a few days ago. He is waiting in line to be leveled though. I got my 6 darts for Joon so he is going to 80 now.


He’s such a greedy boy :grin:



In one month i got a shield, trap tools and gloves, 3 ascention items in a month of mystic vision

Also 3 holy chests in a month, one had darts

5 items from monster chests including a tonic

1 item from raid chest, this has not been dropping loot

8 ascention items from titans

Tracking details of last month, mystic vision beat raid chest :slight_smile:


5 items from only monster chest is sth I can hardly believe. It‘s by far the worst source of mats for me. But gz if your tracking is correct


Well today was one of those days

Pair that with 2 tonics last night from a 7* and raid chest. I should be getting nothing for a while now.


Outstanding drop today


I’ve been watching this thread the last few days and now I get excited for my mystic drop. I’m sure I got rings once but lately, with the inflated hopes from all this inspiration, my spirit gets a little broken every 15 hours :frowning:


You and me both, I get a good drop once in a while. I don’t really hope anymore. Just take my banner a 3 gems and move on most days…


From a few days ago…


mystic vision gave me an epic troop token today, which is nice but not earth shattering. BUT that token gave me green 4* troops. The only 4* I’m missing and have been trying to get for over a year. That was a nice way to start the day. my OCD can finally chill out now that i no longer have to look at that green 3* troop any more.


Congratulations on the troop pull, and you kind of still have to keep tabs on your 2* and 3* troops if you still doing monthly events on the rare/epic levels just to make sure they are not too weak to be of help to you.


yeah i keep 3* around of course but for events i generally focus only on legendary and if i have items left maybe i move to advanced. no prizes in the first tier to make it worth bothering with other than completing a single level.