Mystic Vision - don’t stop believing


Nice little surprise this morning. Got a feeder troop but I’ll take it :smile:


I got a much needed telescope today!


I got rings yesterday and then a warm cape today. Thought about getting a lottery ticket or something.




The results!
Another feeder!


It seems everyone’s consensus is a good drop about every month , this game must dislike me I have not had a good mystic vision for close to two months now. I am just done believing. I was happy with the thought of once a month. I just have bad luck oh well, i’ll stop tracking it now because that just adds to my frustration. Congrats to everyone still getting awesome mats


I stopped watching the MV, sick of pathetic bear banner and 3 gems; and just a little variant some fig leaves and 3 gems…


Mystic vision used to give me 4* mats, but I guess 3* ones have to suffice now :slight_smile:


Got just now, don’t stop believing.
AKA Traggeter


Last night I got a tabard from mystic 5mins later a scope from titan chest! After that I promptly pinched myself! Their still there this morning :wink:


I got a D blade this morning. Think I have 9 of these again. I just need some worthy 5* to take up.


For weeks ive been getting [1x Axe Attack + 1x Gem]…was starting to get annoyed.

Then this today.


Yah, hey der:


Started believing

Pretty sure I got rare mats early on but didn’t notice as I didn’t understand how mats worked back then


Im a F2P player and have been on here about three months. I watched the mystic vision video today and it gave me a epic token. Got a nice 4 star out of it. Most of the times its just a few gems…but sometimes good things can happen lol


chicken dinner


This was a few days ago! One more and i can up Richard to 3/70 AND up Magni to 4th when i get my last scope!


been a while but mystic vision delivers.


I stopped believing like last year, I am getting the same axe and 3 gems every day since november or december. Just depressing…


Very happy again!!! Feels like my efforts worth it.