Mystic Vision - don’t stop believing


Got a Tome of Tactics today :smile:


Thanks for the titan flask!!!


Poison darts!


Didn’t get the darts from our 8* rare titan, but pulled this right after.

Whoot! Now I just need 3 more to get MN to 4th tier! Lol.


reposting this awesome mv streak! :smile:


Lol, go out and buy some lotto tickets immediately!


@Jedon :smile:



I am not that lucky dude at all.
I remeber once been in Spain with some friends and we been in that caffee which offers a set rewards by numbers … we were 5 friends … they all won a free drink and I was the only one on table who paid for drink!
And on other forum there was that guy back in the day who has good kindful mind and wanted to help some F2P dudes so he posted a RNG numbers picked by computer program to people to pick a winning ones
Were : 1 3 5 7 9
I picked 3 and 7
And the winners were 3 5 9 which are clearly not mine!
At all my luck always in things that concider to be step 1 to pick a step 2 reward … so I get coins that should get me 4☆ troops … but my lucky elf shows up and gets me Bs !



Does it help to know I played the teaser?


On my main account AND my baby account today!


Dude. Mystic loves you right now!

Oops, you quoted Jedon’s awesome Mystic


Just got this today


I got a double present a couple of days ago.
Epic hero token.
Which gave me… LIANNA!!!


Not the greatest, but I take it:


I’ll take it.


Sweet sweet compass!


Today and yesterday. I hope this trend contines.


I got poison darts yesterday :kissing_closed_eyes: ily MV

I have no heroes who can use it but I’m still happy to have it


I keep instinctively wanting to hit the “Claim” button on all of these photos.