Mystic Vision - don’t stop believing


I just got a scope today! Unbelievable.


Epic troop token from MV. Really cheered me up because I got it right after getting no decent tokens from an elemental chest.


Just got this today. It’s been a long while. Was just about to give up on mv lol.


give up on free gems?



Nearly fell off the sofa! Tonic 3 days ago! Mystic is shinning on me!


Yeah I almost fell off my chair this morning when I got a dart from mystic vision. That’s the first time I’ve ever gotten a 4* asc. item from it, I think


1 month and 17 days after, I finally get an AM, from MV, ouch! :grin:

With Morlovia, I will move Sartana to her 4th tier next month.


This one sais “Mother North”


Today! :open_mouth:

My first telescope!!!


I’m starting to like these mystic vision things :sunglasses:


Its the other side of the coin toss :slight_smile: the normal side is… ‘I just summoned another renfeld’ :))



That actually happened to me


i would have kept that coin for seasonal :wink:


So I did… But that Renfeld seems to spring out from everywhere… TC13, epic tokens, gem pulls… even a regular token spawned him one time. TC13 spawned me three in the last month.


He was my first and only purple 3* for a long time. So I had him max leveled before i got my Sabina and i knew he was an undesirable.
I still use him in every war!! Haha. All repeats have been eaten however.




It has been a while since I have been able to post something here.


Almost 50 days, but I finally got good one: