Mystic Vision - don’t stop believing





Oh man! This is crazy - congrats!!!


Got this nice Vision


Got a Hidden Blade and a Summon Token along with Gems today!



Needed Gloves and MV, whenever it decides to be kind (which is not often), always give me Compasses instead.


If the game ever allows limited trading, you and I can do a brisk business in compasses-for-gloves! :wink:



I just find it hard to believe anymore can I have the worst luck in the world. This screenshot is Day 48 or 49 and I have not received anything but banners and or a couple of gems. It’s been suggested that the algorithm is about every 30 days for a good drop, although I am not by nature superstitious at 48 days I very well could of offended The game God’s :joy::joy::joy: oh well I’ll keep pressing that button and maybe some day my dream will come true and I can believe again​:flushed:



Day 49 ,Arrrrgggghhhhh!



Wow I will drop dead if I got trap tool, sturdy shield ,orb,etc. Congrats!


Believe even harder than you are currently. Good or Great mystic vision pulls usually come when I get desperate and thirsty for an amazing one



Day 50 and it finally happened. And it is one that I really need! Faith Restored😎


Over this past week, I have received a telescope and a set of trap tools. I guess that the next time I get so lucky will not be until 2019 :wink:


Let’s hope not it took me 50 days to get Today’s good drive hopefully I’m due for another one in less Then another 50 days LOL


One of each :smile:


For first time ever (12 weeks of playing) received a great mystic opening, 1 x 4* tonic 10 gems a trainee and a fourth item I can’t remember :slight_smile: