Mystic Vision - don’t stop believing


Yes yes, MV also granted me a wondrous Tabard.

Mystic Vision > Titan Loot :smile:

Edit: Finally I get something good from titan loot (gloves) ironically right after I decided to hate on it lol





I wished my luck will improve, for 2 months all I get from MV is 1 green banner and 3 gems :frowning:

Then I wonder if it had to do with the VIP pass, may not be related but I observed the last good drop from MV was before I started running VIP pass., more than 2 months ago, Just wondering why no rare color chests neither , poor Titan loots and poor drop from MV all coinciding.


about 37 days now of these with a little variation but I like the journey song so I won’t stop believing😳 but seeing👀 would make it easier to believe. LOL,Sigh


It’s been so long since I could post anything that’s not a turtle banner!!

Today I believe!!


A friend from alliance

Havent seen a bettter mv. Have you?

Hero drops

Here is the one from this morning



Coincidence? Or 'coded' randomness?

ok. So this aint random. When somethinh good happens, happens to more than 1 in the same time.

Just like recruits 2.

Just like dark chests a couple of weeks ago.

Coded, not random…

Coincidence? Or 'coded' randomness?

3 hours ago

Coincidence? Or 'coded' randomness?

High level people get rings!
I wonder what is the Gloves level to be? Must be over 50 cause I couldn’t get one in 3 months!



I guess under 40 :)). see above


I dont think its high because I got 2 Damascus Blades two days in a row at level 25. Like the title says, dont stop believin Jedon!


2nd day in row with non-farmable AM from Mystic Vision


nothing falls apart from a little healing potion and arrow


I am under 40 brother and I had no gloves since 3 months ago.


Talking about Gloves not any thing else brother/sister :slight_smile:


Jedon, Why are YOU alone in an alliance?