Mystic Vision - don’t stop believing


I think in addition to this don’t stop believing thread, there is an equivalent stop believing thread. But today’s was a new low for me, got 1 turtle banner and 1 gem.



MV is notorious for giving me 3 gems and battle items but lately its been pretty good to me!

Pulls from September and October:


Today :усмивка



also got an epic token last week which resulted in Sonya - i agree mistic vision very rarely, but does, gives good loot

:slight_smile: and i can add as offtopic… see below…


two days in a row made me revive this post. Haha


A set of Mystic Rings AND a World Flask today!


Been a while but today’s mystic vision was: Damascus blade, mana potion, 3 gems and an epic hero token. Not bad at all.


Also a Damascus blade here today.



Darts yesterday. 3* yellow trainer today. Return to herbs and single gems anticipated tomorrow. Until the next time it decides to be nice…



ussualy when crap i have a banner and 3-5 gems


Reminder: This is not the “I didnt get a goodie” thread, it is for awesome Mystic Vision loot only. (There are plenty of the other threads out there. Please stay on topic with this one.) :slight_smile:


And one day later…


celebrating a smaller victory from the mystic vision!

Sure, definitely not my best MV ever but definitely far better than what I commonly get. World Energy flask is much appreciated by me. Getting 5 gems rather than 1,2,3 is a nice bonus. I think the last two times I also got 5 gems aswell


And one day later:

Great start to november.
I wish I could kiss you mystic vision.


Not that great but ill take it

Show me your rewards


I had one of those tabards yesterday too. Only 4* mat I have a current excess of, so it gives me more. Go figure.