Mystic Vision - don’t stop believing

3* green ents from it. :rofl:


Decent emblems. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


My unbelievable streak continues…


Yeah yeah 3* mat and I already have 20+ of those, but any free unfarmable mat is a win in my book.


And 8 hours later a raid flask also. :smiley_cat:


EHT! :heart_eyes:

Again, I didn’t save it for Springvale. :rofl: Dupe


@SamMe I don’t get it man, I have only 8 total 4* and still hoard 9 EHTs for the Springvale event. You probably have tons more 4* than I do and still you can’t resist and pull something from S1, which isn’t even that useful to you most of the time probably :rofl:

As a side note, sticking to the topic, in the last 2 weeks got a Sturdy Shield, an ETT and an EHT from MV.


I was checking if I can get the HOTM from that MV EHT. That’s how I got Reuben in December. :rofl: Plus Uraeus would be more useful than the March HOTM.

I do save every EHT that I get elsewhere. I’ll always get three EHTs each challenge event.

Also, as you probably already know: It doesn’t matter that much how many EHTs you save for seasonal events. It’s all a matter of luck.


Yeah, true.

I got Reuben in december as well but not specifically because I wanted him - I tried for Mother North and/or Frosty/Rudolph. Mine was accompanied by Friar Tuck sadly - much worse than your Belith.

I got two Uraeuses on side accounts however I won’t be able to ascend them any time soon even to 3/70 there. At one time I will test them vs 5-6* titans at 2/60, even like that they seem ok. But from what I see on Youtube Uraeus was developed to combat token strategies like the Freya-Bera combo for example, and he is pretty good.

Edit: At one account I got Uraeus and Bertila, probably worth developing in the future as secondary main. Have to give it some thought…

Still, the more EHT you bring to the event, the better your chances are to pull something. Even one more could make the difference. Depends on which you want more, I guess. Uraeus or a killer rabbit of some kind.

Edit: Also don’t forget there will be a HOTM at the Springvale event as well, which increases your odds of getting good stuff with the EHT. Don’t know how good that HOTM will be compared to Uraeus though.

Since you’re a newer player, now could be a good time to switch your main account to that one with Uraeus and Bertila.

Yes, the more EHT, the more chances. That written, I find that if I’m lucky it tends to happen on an earlier pull. Just my recent experience: Joon costume, Reuben, and Vanda all on single pulls. Panther on a double pull.

However you decide to pull is your decision.

Uraeus is considered much better than the March and April HOTMs. It can be roster dependent though.


An EHT at last. I don’t remember the last time I got one of them.


Funny to see you mentioning this as I was just talking about this fact last week with some of my alliance members. We shared the same experience, most of the times it’s on a early pull. That’s how I’ve gotten Black Knight, Tyr and Morgana. Just single pulls.


Wowza! I’d like some of your summoning luck @leejow please! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m working on superstition at best as I can’t generate stats on tiny numbers. It unsettles me when a superstition becomes a virtual prophecy; 75% success so far on free tokens. EDIT: I did pay for 200 Valhalla tokens but only had to use one so I’m set for the Valhalla event. IMO: get lucky early, don’t continue.


Yes that’s one thing I’ve noticed and learned. Don’t keep pulling. Last Valhalla I kept pulling even bought the offer for the first time and ended up doing over 40 pulls without a single 5*, couple dupe 4* and loads of 3*. With last Atlantis I had 16 saved up, same story. Did get 1st Wilbur on last pull :crazy_face:


I really want a Wilbur, he used to destroy me.


Yeah was happy with him, works great with Black Knight and my Gullinbursti’s in this weeks tournament :smiley:

To stay ontopic, some rewards I’ve gotten lately from MV.


3 weeks of antidotes or a large heal maybe that I have never used or crafted and a couple of gems isn’t working for me right now.

Just try my superstition. Burn up grey tokens (5-6), if you get a two star hero, then next a 3 star feeder from the regular summons gate and then go straight to your desired portal and burn up to 5 token pulls. I am on board, 75%. If the grey tokens produce a train wreck try 12 hours later. I freely admit that bearing your ■■■ to the moon might work just as well, but I haven’t tried that


Nice trick… will do later on VF and i’ll tell you what i got :grin:

Edit: I tried and got Almur, Gullin, Nodri, Grevle, and Belith… maybe its my luck lol

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