Mystic Vision - don’t stop believing


Mystic vision is junk. The people in my alliance who have been tracking a year have vouched for this. It still gives, but at a far less frequent rate than it used to.


The drop rate is low, but it takes 30 seconds, and you don’t have to look at the screen.

So I don’t consider it junk.

It probably averages 3 gems a day. That’s 1000 free a year, give or take.

And there’s a small chance of rare mats. I’ve had gloves, shields, trap tools etc in the last few months. Not many, but worth clicking the button.

Why look a gift-horse in the mouth?

That’s why it’s celebrated on this thread of positivity :blush:


The rng gods are punishing my blasphemy! It’s getting worse!

I agree with @JonahTheBard. It’s not always great, but occasionally it is and I don’t even have to watch the ad if I don’t want to. Put phone down. Come back. Retrieve gem





Better than the sum of my rare titan’s loots :rofl:


Happy days again.

The vision gave me a magic orb !!! :sunny:







Wath a great Sunday



I finally believe :smiley:


I woke up very early this morning and got into the game.

  1. Titan loot for Grade C on defeated 11* included a warm cape and mystic rings. Whoa

  2. Did the mystic vision right after, and got poison darts. WHOA WHOA WHOA

Twas pleased.


Just to pile it on, I get an Ice Chest last night and filled it up promptly.

Got sabina and tiburtus from the hero tokens. Pulling Drake would have completed the RNGesus in paradise day. lol


There is a thread with colour chestes if you could post it there would be nice :wink: !! Congrats for the drops very nice :>


4 days ago on august 18th didn’t have time to post :slight_smile:


Very good… I think out of all the Hero Tokens I’ve ever acquired playing the game, about 5% actually give me something else other than threefters, and just fourees, no fivers.