Mystic vision doesn't work after last update

Today and yesterday I couldn’t see the video of the mystic vision. Why? It happens more frequently after the last update of the game.
I know that there are many posts about it… and many from long time ago .
I had reloaded the game, and also restarted my phone. And nothing happens.
Help me… please!! Any suggestion?

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2 days later and the situation is the same. I could see the video between 24.00 and 6.00 hours. Why? It seems it happens only to me :cry: :cry:

It isn’t just you, Sunshine. It hasn’t worked for me for the last 3 days, no matter what I try.

Support Team: When I click the icon, it goes to a frozen promo screen for a few second and then switches to a different frozen screen - with an x to close. Closing sometimes produces a flash of the confirmation screen, but not always, and never completes. Disappointing. How can we resolve?

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