Mystic vision can't watch

every time I try to watch mystic vision it returns me to tittle page of game started yesterday

This sounds like something you might want to report:

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it does the same thing when I try to click on report bug button

Alright. Have you:

  1. Turned your device completely off for 30 seconds?

  2. Made sure you are running the most recent operating system for your device?

  3. Downloaded the most recent version of the game?

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Report a Bug will just bring you back to the forum. You would need to use the Support button.

Here is a direct link to the Support request submission form:

You can get your ID from the lower right-hand corner of the splash screen when the game starts up.

ok it works now I just signed out deleted the app and redownloaded it and it’s good now thanks for the help

i continue with the problem, reinstaled the app and rebooted the phone but i can not whach anything. i had contacted with support but i have not solution yet

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