Mystic Vision broken?

Since the issues with wars, I’ve had issues accessing the mystic vision as well. Anyone have any info on this?

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My Mystic Vision hasn’t worked for 3 days now. I wonder if it has something to do with war. It sure sucks that we are missing out.

I have restarted my phone when mystic vision isn’t working, most of the time that has been enough to get it working, and the times it has not worked I have checked and found that there is an update available and it has been all good after I have updated the game.

The sam …my mystic vision isn’ t working for 2 days…

I have the same problem with mystic vision as well… can someone fix it? It’s annoying. Even tho i dont get anything good from it i can save 2 by 2 dmd :rofl: cuz im not putting anymore money in this game, all i get is 3* heros…
Thank you in advance

For the past two days it has shown me that I have a Mystic Vision, however, it will not play video.

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