Mystic Vision and general loot

Thanks Devs. Lots of love here for watching your ads with a single ax attack and one gem for watching MV. BTW, had tier 8 or 9 titan loot 4x in a row with zero 3* or 4* ascension mats. Are you trying to make everyone pay for all unfarmable items now?

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Just got fine gloves yesterday from MV. I’m not complaining, Damascus blade recently too.

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No complaints here. I even pulled Hawkmoon, my first decent healer. Thanks o/

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Hahaha! You think Hawkmoon is decent. Play a few weeks first. She has no other special and around 30% heal. Worst healer above the big panda in the whole lot.


MV has been much better than monster chests for me, or at least it feels that way.

MV is far better than the 100 monster chest.

There’s only 3 3-star healers, right; Hawkmoon, Friar Tuck, and Belith? And Tuck only heals nearby allies so he’s not a fair comp, really. Belith does dispell enemy buffs which is nice, but they heal for the same amount and, honestly, the dispell is really only useful in PVP which isn’t as big a part of the game early on. Hawkmoon does decidedly more tile damage than Belith, but Belith has a higher survivability, so it seems like it comes down to preference between the two.

Anyway, I’ve gotten several 4 and 3-star Ascension items from MV so I can’t complain too much. It does stink to get a reward like your screenshot, though, so I understand your frustration.

Well, I didn’t say she was the perfect weapon, just that she’s a decent healer. I didn’t have a healer last challenge and I couldn’t progress because of it.

She’s gonna be useful on rare challenges. Also, the focus is on the token, not the hero.

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I bet when you started and got Hawkmoon you were pretty happy to get a healer.


Just this morning I got rings from mystic vision. ■■■■ near fell over out of my chair.


Today I got an epic troop token from MV which produced my first 4* troop.

I’m not going to complain about the quality of the freebies, but some of the games being advertised look pretty terrible. cough FF cough


Got a hidden blade from MV this morning. No complaints here! :smile:

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I’ve been waiting 2 months for a 4th blade to do my first red ascension.

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Trash only, ever and ever.

I was waiting forever for blades. I finally got enough to ascend 2 red with about 4 more waiting now.

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