Mystic Vision Ads doubling up

Has anyone found that Mystic Vision Ads are d’oubling up meaning 2 ads are now playing at the same time.

I know it’s not SG’s doing but only they can contact Google to question this.

This means it also uses more data for one as there is 2 ads downloading at once.

Anyone else seeing this happen?

Hi @Ozy1

I haven’t seen this, but might be be better placed in bugs rather than community content :slightly_smiling_face:

Just thought I’d ask around first before placing it as a bug.

Trying to remember to take a vid of it just I always forget and when I do remember it doesn’t happen, lol, always the way hey, lol

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I have noticed that some games are placing two 15 second ads as a single 30 second ad. It’s not doubling up per se, but you see the same thing twice.

No these are on top of each other

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