Mystic Vision ad not counting down

Upon clicking Mystic Vision, there are two ads so far that start up but will not counting down/open at all ( Homescapes and Gardenscapes). Most frustrating is that these ads persist on being the only ones to show up at all in Mystic Vision for hours at a time. Is it possible to remove these two from the shown list, as other ads have no problem in opening. This really detracts from the otherwise great gaming experience, given that other players are gaining rewards in the meantime, putting me at a real disadvantage. Thank you for your time :slightly_smiling_face:

A full day of same ads, how long does it normally take for a response from Support?

Assuming you submitted a ticket, it looks like they say to expect 2 business days:

But if you mean you’re waiting for a response to your thread here, you might not ever get one — they don’t address account-specific issues on the Forum, as the Forum is primarily for player peer support.

If you haven’t already, you should submit a ticket to Support directly.

Here are instructions:


Thank you Zephyr1. I will try that avenue.

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Mine is doing the same. I have to activate mystic vision 2 or 3 times until it loads an ad properly.

Yeah it sucks Pug, now getting a third ad, also not working. Reloading, nothing fixing it. Macros or an Isalani might know : D

Hi! Please check the App Store / Play Store for any updates. This may help to fix the problem :slight_smile: If you are still experiencing issues, please send through a support request and we can take a closer look. I hope you’re enjoying the weekend so far despite this frustration!


To whomever followed this through, thank you immensely, Mystic Vision problem is no more!


Latest update loaded on New phone. Still getting problem 4 out of 5 clicks on MV

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