Mystic Vision ad is sometimes zoomed in and unmuted

Even tho my phone is on full mute, some ads play their sounds/music. I often have to unmute & mute an ad to mute the ad again. Not sure if that’s something that can be fixed from SGG pov.

But, recently, and again at 17:23 today I’ve had some ads zoomed in so I’m not even able to mute them because there is no mute button available in the display. I have to reboot the E&P app to fix it


I thought I was having auditory hallucinations. The sounds on some commercials abruptly play for a second, even when the sound on the device is completely turned off. It is not pleasant, especially when you watch a secret vision at night, when the family is already asleep. :imp:


The mute thing happens to me fairly regularly too… It’s quite annoying…

Never had the “zoom” thing tho

Adding here :slight_smile:

Might be due to iOS updates

The opt out of personal ads submit button is either a not working properly, or not messaging properly —

No matter what you do, it kicks a red submit error; defaults to share data, and the icon description in the ad click through says it’s a personalized ads

I experience the noisy muted thing on android :frowning:


just had it again 17.29

and again 1h35 cet

and again at 17:56 cet just now. You guys investigating yet?

this time, restarting the app did not fix. restarting app again.

16:55 CET again 20chars

18:14 CET again the zoomed ad

Can you post a screenshot of what you mean by “zoomed in”?

Also what device, firmware etc… are you using?

I’m not a dev but that info would help them investigate I’m sure.

android 11 oneUI3 on samsung s10+

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still getting the zoomed ad pretty much daily - 19:55h today

even at 4.18am its still bugged out

13:15 CET again - app not even open for that long

8:30 cet. fresh boot of the app in morning, zoomed ad

still having this issue daily, 17:41. I’ve tried now to close ad with back button and twice I got the reward but 3rd time it didnt give reward

18.19 again …

dont know how a vid is going to help but here it is

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